Senior Engineer – Planning

Job Description


  • Develop systems and procedures for Project control functions on the onset of the project and as and when there are additional requirements from the client in order to facilitate the process of project monitoring.
  • To finalize the staffing requirements in consultation with PCM. 
  • Active
  • Develop, implement & maintain the project controls procedure, project schedules (level 1-4), and reporting
  • systems specific to project. Provide guidance to the project control team working for the project.
  • Prepare the progress measurement system which has weight factor calculations and quantities with earned
  • value. These will be used as supporting document for progress reported.
  • Prepare planning documents such as manpower histograms, which indicate the number of people required
  • each month, progress S curves which will indicate the progress that the project makes at a given point of
  • time etc., which are reviewed at periodic intervals.
  • Monitoring progress of the work for timely execution of the project through weekly/monthly reports with
  • respect to review of the overall project. Progress monitoring on a regular basis and resolve any problems,
  • bottlenecks/scheduling conflicts.
  • Participate/ coordinate internal project team review and review by the client of the work schedule, progress
  • measurement and reporting systems.
  • Review the status continuously and keep the Project Control Manager apprised of the progress and the
  • areas needing attention for schedule adherence.
  • Interact with the site project control team to ensure that the engineering & procurement activities are
  • properly interfaced in the construction level 4 schedules.
  • Carry out diagnostic studies of ongoing project to measure what is achieved vis-à-vis the plan based on
  • progress reports and feedback to ensure timely completion and formulate an action plan for schedule
  • adherence.
  • Carry out schedule risk analysis as and when required and advise action plan to mitigate the delays, if any.
  • Attending all meetings concerning progress, Technical, Contractual matters in relation to project controls.
  • Participate in department development activities for continual improvement in the project control system &
  • services.
  • Perform any other duties and responsibilities as and when directed by the PCM.


  • Graduate engineer with approximately 10 years of experience in the oil and gas industry conversant with
  • projects and execution. Experience in HO & Site planning.