Head of Upstream Gas Production

Full Time
  • Qatar
  • Post Date: July 4, 2024
  • Apply Before: September 2, 2024
Job Description


  • Lead the process of upstream Integrated Activity Planning and Short & Long-term Feed-gas Volume Planning, add value to the assets in the context of extracting & optimizing of asset & well production and aligning the wellwork & production facilities activities with the gas production performance from LNG reservoir to the LNG Plants.
  • Plan and meet the requirement to sustain future challenges of upcoming changes in assets i.e., without external expertise.
  • Assess compliance to boundaries of complex multi-elements in the assets starting from reservoir to onshore assets, LNG, gas sales, SRU, wastewater etc., in order to estimate annual and monthly gas for LNG production/gas sales as Integrated Activity Plan and Production.
  • Considers multitude of factors and activities affecting gas availability from wells to delivery as well as FEED and to drive the commitment to buyers and its sales.
  • Role is concerned with creating contingency plans to address unforeseen production shortages & downtime and Identify opportunities to align planned shutdowns with project activities to minimum production deferments.
  • Job holder examines and applies business judgement of production performance and diagnosis of problems from a complex set of reservoirs/wells throughout the asset elements and Commercial Planning

About this role

  • Lead Integrated Activity Plan and Long-term Feed-gas Volume Plan.
  • Liaise with all UGP stakeholders, consolidate activity planning, and cascade the final production & activity plans to the proper UGP distribution lists,
  • Ensure uninterrupted feed-gas delivery from wells to LNG trains as per nomination in safe and reliable manner, mitigate the short falls in short term basis.
  • Manage jointly with Commercial Planning and Asset Operations the Annual Delivery Plan/WP&B and the overall Production Performance of (feed-gas, field condensate, LNG, and by-products),
  • Coordinate the execution of the production & activity plans, monitor and report (Actual vs. Plan) and the categories cause deviation 8 impact the plans.
  • Identify, evaluate bottlenecks, and coordinate meetings with the relevant stakeholders to investigate & mitigate production performance problems,
  • Recognize opportunities to align planned shutdowns with project activities to minimize impact of production deferments.
  • Collaborate with all sections & departments on issues related to production planning. Proactively adjust and recommend best options in case of changes.
  • Strive to achieve alignment for decision in time.
  • Maintain best understanding of the current status and performance of the up/down-stream elements and realize opportunities lead maximizing the lifecycle value of production.
  • Lead and co-ordinate a multidisciplinary taskforce comprising of Subsurface, E&P, MP and offshore/onshore assets to focus on volume protection for various assets.
  • Adhered to volume protection strategies and guidelines and its priorities for annual and monthly planning decisions as mandated by management.
  • Ensure current and all future assets operating boundaries are captured and evaluated while determining volumes.
  • Act as an expert technical focal point in production & activity planning, capacity forecasting, management, monitoring and reporting.

What you need to bring

  • Bachelor’s degree in Petroleum Engineering
  • 12 years of working experience in oil and gas industry, including production planning, production engineering, petroleum engineering and operations, of which 3 years are in supervisory roles.
  • Experience with production & activities planning, including knowledge of petroleum engineering, offshore production, interface with green and brownfield projects, understanding of field development planning and execution, drilling & completion and process engineering, reservoir management, well modelling, stimulation and testing, computer programming and flow assurance
  • Excellent written and spoken English.
  • Strong qualitative and quantitative analytical skills.
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Computer literacy.


  • Salary:
    • Monthly Rate in QAR Plus Allowance
  • Work Schedule:
    • 9 Hours / 5 Days
  • Duration:
    • 3 years, renewable