Lead Financial Auditor

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Full Time
Job Description

Job Propose

  • In order to issue a related improvement action plan, the Financial Audit Lead is in charge of overseeing the development of the internal financial audit program, obtaining the resources required, making sure the internal audit plan is implemented and carried out, and monitoring internal audit reporting for each department.

Key Accountabilities

  • Contribute to the development of Internal Audit Division business plan and develop Financial Audit plan Department according to set objectives
  • Develop Financial Audit Department key performance indicators and continuously monitor progress towards financial plan
  • Implement Financial Audit Department’s framework, methodologies, techniques and principles
  • Ensure that Financial Audit Department operational plan is well communicated and understood at all levels
  • Optimize resources and ensure team is efficient and provide recommendations for improvement
  • Develop budget requirements for Financial Audit Department ensuring alignment to plans and needs
  • Develop procedures ensuring all actions are conducted in a systematic manner
  • Take operational decisions and escalate key decisions to senior management when required
  • Guide development of financial audit program in line with related strategy, and based on the company’s strategic objectives, identified audit needs, risk impact results and previous audit findings
  • Review and approve business cases for the necessity to liaise with external auditors, and sustain long-term relationships with assigned external auditors for continuous improvement of the organization’s financial practices
  • Assess needed resources against current capabilities, and implement needed actions in terms of recruitment and development of internal auditors
  • Establish internal auditors’ development program and facilitate needed trainings as applicable
  • Finalize development of annual internal audit plan to monitor financial activities
  • Guide the development of audit procedures and needed tools to ensure consistent and effective practices
  • Communicate audit program to auditors ensuring audit scope, objectives, key areas to be assessed are clearly defined in the audit program with audit dates, periods and focal points
  • Ensure proper implementation of program through continuous follow up
  • Ensure audit opening and closure meetings are held before and after every audit intervention to confirm audit objectives, scope and methodology and discuss audit findings
  • Conduct complex internal audit interventions for critical financial activities and/or with upper management when needed
  • Review audit reports and recommended corrective actions, and refine corrective action plan
  • Ensure departments readiness for external audit intervention and follow up on reported findings and related improvement action plan
  • Consolidate audit reports into a quarterly or annual report including audit findings, non-conformities, and improvement action plans for each department
  • Contribute to employee performance management, and provide formal and informal feedback in order to support professional development and maximize performance
  • Build and maintain solid relations with externals stakeholders such as governmental entities and consultants to serve the company’s best interest
  • Provide assistance across the organization and support peers when needed to perform their duties
  • Approve reports and presentations related to Financial Audit Department activities and achievements for reporting and decision-making
  • Perform other activities as and when required

Qualifications and Experience:

  • A minimum of 6 years of experience
  • Bachelor’s degree in Accounting or in any related field