Engineer, Reservoir Simulation

Full Time
Job Description

Update / Generate black oil and compositional simulation models with field development planning, short, and long-term profiles. Conduct model sensitivities and prioritize development schemes applying best practices, Uncertainty & Risk assessment, and economics. Undertakes reservoir simulation studies to attain stated objectives and translate results into operational guidelines.


Job Specific Accountabilities

  • Coordinates and works with Geoscientists on reservoir characterization and upscaling.
  • Builds sizable Full Field simulation models, history match and use them in predictions.
  • Conducts quality check and consistency of simulation model, history match scenarios with respect to geological model characteristics.
  • Develops characterization of reservoir fluids and Equation of State (EOS) modelling, calibration and convert simple black oil models to compositional. Diagnoses model convergence and run-time problems.
  • Coordinates with Technical center in designing IOR/EOR methods (WI, Immiscible GI, Miscible GI, and Surfactant and polymer injection) to enhance recovery and pressure maintenance methods.
  • Applies different methods of reserves estimation using probabilistic and deterministic methods (Mbal, DCA and simulation models sensitivities).
  • Identifies required action using simulation models for maximize recovery/meet current production quotas, design, follow up, QC and analyze reservoir studies e.g. RCA, SCAL and PVT.
  • Conducts special simulation studies for Field Development optimization (well pacing, infill wells, advanced wells, Pilots)
  • Applies multiphase flow in the reservoir, effective permeability concept and correlations for relative permeability. Integrate pressure and production test results for reservoir simulation and management decisions.
  • Contributes to reservoir monitoring program and data gathering with effective cost program to enable collecting necessary data to help best reservoir management and reduce uncertainties.
  • Liaises with contractors conducting the study, analyses and reviews findings and actions study recommendations. Participate in periodic update and validation of database with monthly production/injection data and descriptions to display wells, reservoir and field performance for appropriate distribution and Simulation model recalibration.


Minimum Qualification

· Bachelor Degree Reservoir/Petroleum/Chemical Engineering or equivalent.

Minimum Experience & Knowledge & Skills

  • 6-8 years of experience in reservoir engineering including oil and gas fields’ development management and Full Field simulation studies (use software models).
  • Reservoir and Production Operations Knowledge.
  • Analytical Reservoir characterization (Material Balance) knowledge
  • Numerical reservoir simulation
  • Pressure Transient Analysis and Well Performance knowledge, PVT Modelling