Procurement Director UAE

Full Time
Job Description

Job Purpose  

The Procurement Director leads a purchasing team and is accountable for the performance of his country organization (UAE). The person in charge aligns the global purchasing strategies, processes and objectives with the needs of the local Operations and ensures the internal partners satisfactions.

Main Activities

  • Develop value creation procurement strategies and associated policies
  • Demonstrate the added value of procurement by exerting a positive influence within VEOLIA, internal customers, project teams,…
  • Track performance objectives and purchasing savings
  • Optimize the performance and coverage of purchasing contracts (in relation to identified needs)
  • Define and lead action plan related to streamline the subcontracting spend
  • Measure and improve Procurement performance and report to Zone CPO and stakeholders
  • Communicate the information necessary for the implementation of contracts to the procurement network and/or any
  • other internal stakeholders
  • Develop and improve relationships with internal stakeholders through regular follow-ups and meetings
  • Supervise / organize procurement tenders
  • Manage and validate purchasing contracts with suppliers and/or service providers
  • Supervise the construction and optimization of the supplier panel
  • Engage with external stakeholders on global initiatives: this includes beyond the compliance issues, and among other activities, buying responsibly, buying green, re-shoring, developing fair trade initiatives, caring for resources, and teaching or sharing knowledge
  • Optimize Supply chain by identifying opportunities to streamline processes, reduce costs and improve efficiency
  • Manage request to order / order to receipt process and operational purchasing agents activity and warehouse/logistics management
  • Attract, hire and retain talents
  • Assess, develop and recognize people

Job main skills


  • Definition

Procurement strategies

  • Procurement strategies must be in adequacy with the global strategies of the organization.
  • For each category, we define a procurement strategy with identified objectives, targeted and realized savings, reduced risks and innovation.
  • Consolidation and design of a strategic procurement plan per category and main cost reduction lever

Business acumen

  • Acuity and speed in understanding and managing a business situation in a way that can lead to a good outcome.

Risk management

  • Process of regularly identifying both internal and external risks to your supply chain, eliminating situations that put your organization at unnecessary, increased risks and finding solutions for mitigation.
  • It also involves performing a purchasing risk mapping to identify, evaluate and prioritize the risks related to a procurement strategy

Procurement performance

  • Understand what is procurement performance at Veolia, Economical, ESG and Effectiveness (process optimization).
  • Apply the right rules for calculating the procurement KPI’s (Performance savings, EBITDA recurring Savings, Spend addressable, Spend under contract…)

Subcontracting management

  • Process that involves overseeing the lifecycle of subcontracting purchasing and subcontracting order management : understand specific tasks in managing the subcontracting, review the schedule of work as well as requirements and assignment of responsibilities during each lifecycle phase to respect compliance

Sustainable Procurement

  • Know fundamentals and context (International Standards in terms of soft or hard law, Group’s target to contribute to carbon neutrality, common practices in cost management and new sustainable business models) and understand Veolia’s sustainable procurement roadmap.
  • Connect concepts with procurement strategy by deep diving in a purchasing category and engage our suppliers in a new relationship

Procurement tools

  • Mastery of the Group procurement solutions, spend management, contract management and E sourcing and knowledge of the P2P solutions.
  • It enables procurement organizations to streamline the spend (by category, by top suppliers…), to define procurement action plan and to improve compliance with purchasing policies


Job experience required

  • Minimum 12 years in Procurement function and minimum 7 years in Management position.
  • Industrial / Technical / EPC experience is a must.
  • GCC experience is a strong plus.
  • New organization building / re-organization experience is a plus.


  • Experience in developing/enhancing Procurement ERP/Data management modules is a strong plus.


  • Fluency in written and spoken English is a must.
  • Fluency in written and spoken Arabic is a strong plus.

Additional Information

As an inclusive company, Veolia is committed to diversity and gives equal consideration to all applications, without discrimination.