Shift Chemist

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Full Time
Job Description

Provides  the basis for the control of the process. Ensures that tests are carried out accurately, consistently and timely and in accordance with the specified standards and methodology. Monitors the quality of the following :

  • Products manufactured, imported and exported.
  • Material being used in the process.
  • Raw material and finished products in storage tanks.
  • By products of the process.

Principal Accountabilities

  • Responsible for the  integrity of laboratory
  • Supervises day to day operation of laboratory and administration of staff
  • Responsible for about 120 nos. of analyzers/equipment  worth US$ 2 million
  • Decides on the calibration I standardization of analyzers/ equipment
  • Assigns testing of samples as requested by operations supervisor to chemists
  • Reviews  records  of all tests  done  during the shift  and  the interpretations thereof
  • Issues quality certificates for product tanks/inspections  which are put up to him by the chemists.
  • Obtains LPG, gas and environment samples as and when required through chemists.
  • Ensures  high  standards  of  housekeeping m  his  area  of  work  and  the laboratory in general.
  • Keeps account of laboratory stores with respect to inventory, rssue and receipts.
  • Ensures availability of fresh and clean bottles.
  • Updates tests methods as required from time to time.
  • Operating Environment, Framework and Boundaries.
  • Works in a continuous operating hazardous refinery environment.
  • Ensures round-the-clock, unattenuated service to manufacturing as well as marketing groups.
  • Is on call for duty in case of need.
  • Extends analytical support to group cos. Including QC of Aviation business.
  • Works in an environment that determines the quality of the products.
  • There is considerable clarity on parameters to be tested, methods of testing to be used and the standards to be adhered to.
  • Communications and Working Relationships.
  • Certifies  test  data  for  product  tanks/inspections  for the approval  of  the chief chemist/process supervisor as directed.
  • Keeps record of all tests carried out and updated methods of testing  Reports abnormalities to his superior.
  • Communicates with group companies.
  • Problem Solving I Complexity  Helps Ops I Proc depts by generating analytical data and interrupting the same to derive conclusion.
  • Has to compute test data to provide a meaningful interpretation of results for use in operations.
  • Decision Making Authority and Responsibility  Decides on the requirement  of sophisticated analyzers and selection of the most suitable.
  • Decides on the method of testing and the analyzer to be used.
  • Decides on the acceptability of third party laboratory services for co’s purpose.
  • Provides data and information that would be useful in making key decisions by those in operations.
  • Acts as the custodian  of data  and information  envied  at after conducting tests.
  • Provides blend advice for products

Additional Principal Accountabilities


  • A Master’s degree, preferably Ph.D., in Chemistry, (curriculum to include both organic as well as inorganic chemistry) from a recognized university.
  • Minimum 15 years experience in a complex refinery laboratory.
  • Familiarity with ASTM/IP test methods. Capability in handling modem equipment.
  • Ability to carry out water analysis, environment tests for both liquid and gaseous effluents and chromatograph tests.
  • Should have had experience in leading a team of chemists and organizing laboratory activities in a refinery.
  • Strong analytical skills -knowledge of statistical techniques is essential.
  • Good communication and administrative ability and computer literacy.