Project Supply Chain Manager (P-SCM)

Full Time
Job Description

You as a Project Supply Chain Manager (P-SCM) (Open) will be part of Hitachi Energy based in Amman, Jordan. As the Project Supply Chain Manager for Power Grid – Project Business Unit you will directly report to the HBU (GPG) Supply Chain Manager of Hitachi Energy – Business Unit and functionally to Local Operating Unit Manager.  In close cooperation with the local Tender Project Team, you shall be responsible for establishing the Tender Sourcing Plan (TSP) based on the sourcing related conditions of the client´s tender specification and PG global/ territory sourcing strategy and for facilitating its adoption by all parties during tender process.

Your responsibilities

  • Pro-active participate in Tender-/ Capture Team during the kick-off and tender progress meetings for selected target projects.
  • Identification of sourcing related opportunities and critical commercial, fiscal and legal conditions of the client´s tender specification and ensure flow over to the bidding documentation to suppliers / contractors.
  • Develops schedules, estimates, forecasts, and budgets to support all procurement requirements under the tender and project.
  • Issue the project related Tender Sourcing Plan (TSP) based on the overall tender strategy, identified sourcing related opportunities and critical project conditions under consideration of the overall PG global/ territory sourcing strategies.
  • Collaborates with tender teams to identify new suppliers and supplier changes and ensures customer approval for Tender/project supplier list.
  • Document the TSP in the Business Unit standard “TSP Template”, if not retrieved from Project Procure
  • Communicate the TSP to the local tender team and involve Global, Division, BU, Territory Category Leaders, and Lead Strategic Sourcing Manager for affected commodities.
  • If necessary, ensure adequate qualification measures
  • Issue together with tender responsible the tender specific list of vendors (subcontractors) to be used in our bid to the client.
  • Ensuring that supplier quotations remain valid until final placement of Purchase Order or until confirmation of tender project has been lost.
  • Provide required sourcing related information for Risk Reviews
  • Main performance measurements and authorities during the tender phase:
  • Coordinate and issue all sourcing review data for inclusion into the risk reviews.
  • Responsible for staffing of SCM resources on project
  • Accountable for project schedule and cost as it pertains to SCM.
  • Manages and administers expediting process and staff.
  • Identification of sourcing related opportunities and critical conditions of the client´s contract
  • Establish together with Contracts Manager or Project Manager the project specific terms & conditions (Special Conditions) and manages the negotiation of Purchase Orders including payment terms, delivery, pricing, terms and conditions, etc.
  • Ensuring that all purchase orders are accurate, approved and released in a timely manner.
  • the application during negotiation and purchase order award
  • Monitor compliance to health and safety as well as business ethics within operational work, contracts and negotiations
  • Ensure that the finance function is informed in a timely manner of all procurement activities and coordinate with the finance function on all outstanding payment issues with suppliers.
  • Ensures compliance with all Group, Division and BU instructions and guidelines as they apply to the project.
  • Ensures proper recording of potential claim/counter claim events, in particular related to delays of goods/documentation, etc and is responsible for the coordination of the conclusion/closure of these events in line with the project criteria for said.
  • Planning various transportation to facilitate material movement, Customs and trade applications.
  • Ensures purchase order generation and invoice reconciliation complies with the requirements of the local unit.
  • Ensures an accurate and up to date claims and opportunities register is available for review as required by the project team and/or management for all purchased items (where applicable).
  • Living Hitachi Energy core values of safety and integrity, which means taking responsibility for your own actions while caring for your colleagues and the business.

Your background

  • A master’s or bachelor’s degree in engineering discipline or business administration or any other qualification that is deemed suitable for the role.
  • Proficiency in both spoken & written English language is required.
  • Minimum 5 years of professional experience in a project environment.
  • Minimum 5 years of professional experience in a supply chain function.
  • Minimum 2 years of experience in procurement of tailored equipment.
  • Good knowledge of processes in industrial large and complex or turnkey contracts
  • Strength in commercial/legal aspects of purchasing
  • Excellent communication & proven negotiation skills
  • Drive to continuously create results and innovative solutions.
  • Skilled communicator who can interface with numerous external and internal parties at different levels in a project environment.