Project Manager

Full Time
Job Description

Plan, execute, and successfully complete projects while ensuring they meet their goals and objectives within the specified time, budget, and scope. combine leadership, organization, and communication skills to drive project success.

Key Accountability Areas

Project Coordination

  • Collaborate with customers and the sales team to address technical requirements.
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the project scope as outlined in the factory offer and client purchase contract and communicate any scope deviations to the sales team if additional work is necessary.

Project Planning and Monitoring

  • Plan, monitor, and analyze project activities to meet objectives within specified timeframes and budget constraints.
  • Develop project schedules through activity definition, sequencing, resource allocation, and duration estimation.
  • Identify and manage project risks.

Stakeholder Engagement

  • Conduct regular meetings and coordinate with customers to assess and analyze project progress.
  • Resolve any ambiguities and conflicts that arise during project execution.
  • Ensure the on-time delivery of high-quality products to customers.

Cost and Resource Management

  • Monitor project costs during execution and work toward cost reduction.
  • Verify that the SAP/ETO entered Bill of Materials (BOM) aligns identically with the approved detailed design BOM before releasing it for production.
  • Minimize shortages of materials prior to project delivery.

Team Coordination

  • Coordinate with team members and all relevant departments to facilitate the smooth progression of projects.
  • Attend review and production meetings to monitor the completion of products and projects.

Customer Relations

  • Maintain contact with customers to gather feedback and provide support and clarifications in coordination with other departments.

Role Accountability

HR Proficiency

  • Ability to recruit, recognize and cultivate high performers and expose them in order to create a robust second line of management.
  • Ability to recognize low performers and guide them to improve or release them.
  • Ability to treat subordinates equally without any discrimination.
  • Assessment criteria of subordinates is performance that leads to planned results.
  • Ensure availability of delegation of authority matrix to have sufficient delegations as per company policy.


  • Must take full responsibility for his operation as per the job description and the required deliverables from this position, taking into consideration the general company guidelines.
  • Able to anticipate problems and make the necessary proactive steps to prevent them
  • Ability to take necessary and proper timely decisions.


  • Deliver the required results in timely manner with required quality and cost.
  • Making a Tangible Difference:
  • Must make a tangible difference to his area of operation. and exceed business expectations.

Business Planning and Performance

  • Able to transform the corporate goals into business plans.
  • Able to Plan, follow-up and execute those plans, whether they are annual or development plans.
  • Monitor the plan performance and initiate action to strengthen results and take the corrective action accordingly.
  • Provide periodic work progress reports.
  • Responsible for monitoring and controlling budgets and expenses to achieve the optimum cost efficiency.

Organizational Development

  • Develop the organizational structure according to the current requirements taking into consideration future and development plans.
  • Ensure availability of job descriptions for all job roles and deployment.

Business Process Improvements

  • Develop, coordinate well-defined written systems, policies, procedures, and seek automations opportunities as much as possible.
  • Should be conversant and able to navigate through IT solutions especially those relevant to his job and business.
  • Promote the automated systems and using them fully, to spread its culture.


  • Quality is considered as alfanar’s prime competitive advantage as such, managers are expected to act accordingly.


  • Adapt to new and alternative techniques, technologies, management structures, and business models.

Health, Safety and Environment:

  • Ensure a safe, secure, and legal work environment as per the standard regulations.

Academic Qualification

Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering

Work Experience

6 to 10 Years

Technical / Functional Competencies

  • Project Change Management
  • Project Communications
  • Project Cost Management
  • Project Oversight
  • Project Resource Management
  • Performance Indicators