Prescription Engineer | alfanar Electric

Full Time
Job Description

Work closely with clients and stakeholders to develop and suggest technical solutions, ensuring that proposed engineering specifications align with project requirements and industry standards.

Key Accountability Areas

Client Engagement and Relationship Building:

  • Coordinate prescription actions with consultants & end users to optimize business opportunities.
  • Directly promote alfanar’s solutions to customers, ensuring a thorough understanding of their needs for effective feedback.
  • Cultivate and secure excellent relationships with consultants & end users in the designated area, fostering clear interaction and engagement.
  • Enhance the visibility of alfanar solutions & products within the local consultants & end-users network.
  • Serve as a technical advisor for electrical consultation.

Strategic Planning and Alignment:

  • Align plans and strategies to accomplish short-term & long-term projects, monitoring sales value with the sales team.
  • Gain a clear understanding of customers’ channels and create opportunities for solution deployment.
  • Lead business growth & profitability as a key account representative for the assigned segments, customers & projects.

Market Awareness and Communication:

  • Stay abreast of market conditions and competitors’ activities, effectively communicating relevant information.
  • Regularly conduct training, coordinating with the Marketing team to organize seminars/product launches for the consultant & end-user network.
  • Plan, coordinate & execute necessary communication campaigns for training & seminars, and arrange required tools for customers.

Data Management and Reporting:

  • Provide & maintain updated data & opportunities regarding the assigned customers & their projects in CRM & company channels.
  • Routinely update the sales team on new knowledge of products and international/local standards to enhance team technical competency.
  • Clearly report on all activities as required.

Role Accountability

HR Proficiency:

  • Training of sub-ordinates and forming a team to get the work effectively.
  • Provide leadership, coaching, and direction to subordinates in all aspects of their work.
  • Delegate sub-ordinates in each respective assignment.
  • Ensures fair distribution of tasks to maintain morale, motivation of subordinates.


  • Perform the planned activities to meet the operational and development targets as per delivery schedules.
  • Utilize resources effectively to achieve objectives within efficient cost and time.
  • Provide a periodic report formatted by detailing the deviation and execution of planned tasks.


  • Resolve any related problems arise and escalate any complex operational issues.


  • Ensure quality requirements to develop effective quality control and processes including specifications for products or processes or related activities.

Business Process Improvements:

  • Coordinate well-defined written systems, policies, procedures, and seeking automations opportunities as much as possible.


  • Comply to related policy and procedures and work instructions.

Academic Qualification

Bachelor Degree in Electrical Engineering

Work Experience

2 to 4 Years

Technical / Functional Competencies

Product Knowledge
Properties of Materials
Materials/Parts Knowledge