Planning Engineer

Job Description
  • Handle customer orders sent from sales by creating manufacturing orders for them and identifying the order’s material requirements, the available and non-required material, and the availability date to inform the sales department of the customer’s delivery date for the production order.
  • Create production orders for the different production departments according to the consumption rates of each product, the productivity of each department, its load, and the orders received from us.
  • Review production plans and make sure they are in line with the delivery dates for production orders to customers, and modify them with the different departments according to the priorities and needs of customers.
  • Daily follow-up of the delivery of the different departments of the orders on time according to the agreed production plans previously.
  • Follow up with the assembly department and make sure to comply with the production plan and release the materials for the next day and add all the finished orders in the assembly first and foremost to work on the implementation and delivery of all orders on their scheduled dates.
  • Follow up with the quality department to confirm the priorities of inspection and add what has been finished to the warehouses.
  • Follow up with purchases and warehouses for the arrival of materials according to the agreed dates and follow up on any delays that may affect the final delivery dates of customers.
  • Work on daily diaries to remove any stagnant products in the warehouse.
  • Review the stocks of the standard products and determine the needs of the week based on consumption during the week and create production orders for them with the different departments.
  • Review the stocks of brackets and screws for standard products and create production orders for them when needed.
  • Review the orders that will be collected next week to make sure that all components arrive before the assembly date.
  • Create production and assembly orders for monthly products.
  • Create a sheet of deviations for production orders during the previous month and analyze the causes of deviation.
  • Review the monthly production plans sent from the production workshops and determine the extent to which they match the dates sent to customers.
  • Review the monthly and weekly varieties of standard products and determine the turnover rate of each variety and our average needs of it to put the final picture of the complete production sheet for the next year and inform sales of it.


  • Education: B.Sc. in Engineering; preferably Electrical.
  • Years of Experience: 1-3 years of experience in a relevant planning field.
  • Language: Arabic and Excellent English.
  • Computer skills: Advanced Microsoft computer skills (Excel & Access) with prior experience of working with ERP Systems.