Lead Scientist, MEA

Full Time
Job Description
  • Provide analytical solutions in Analytical Science STC-J chromatography lab to support the business continuity of SBUs/Manufacturing and T&I project development of proprietary technologies resulting in new products, new application development and productivity. Contribute to continuous improvement of lab operation and efficiency and implement EHSS/SHEMs procedures.
  • Provide technical research and analytical solutions in enhancing SABIC’s competitiveness and sustainability by understanding and exploiting research at the gas chromatography and advance characterization mass spectrometry (GC HPLC GC-MS SCD NCD LCMS, etc) as well as understanding BU’s and manufacturing analysis needs.
  • Define analytical methodology to support the BU’s and manufacturing on development and application of advanced analytical chemistry understanding and provide scientific / technical support.
  • Prepare chemical solutions and perform complex analytical procedures (e.g., extractions, purifications, evaporations, etc.)
  • Method development and validation of GC/GCMS and and other associated techniques, methods and interpretation of quantitative and qualitative mass spectrometric data.
  • Mentor, motivate and inspire team, assisting in their scientific and personal development to ensure effective colleague engagement.
  • Be the subject matter expert in Analytical Sciences, lead development of analytical methods for commercial projects and internal platforms across multiple technology teams
  • Manage a team of scientists and chemists. Ensure data quality, integrity, Interpret and analyze data.
  • Timely delivery of analytical data and report to the process/ product development team, including manufacturing sites
  • Working and collaborating with experts, developing, and validating analytical test methods for the analytical characterization of polymers, additives, catalysts, gases, solvents, petrochemicals etc.
  • Ensure Instrument calibration, maintenance and test methods operation as per ISO17025.
  • Writing/reviewing of instrument Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and test methods.
  • Ensure that laboratory data and results are of excellent quality and integrated with the theoretical, modeling and field components of related T&I research and manufacturing groups efforts.


  • Perform chromatography analysis and generate technical report based on rational data analysis and spectra interpretation.
  • Develop new testing methods and procedures to improve existing analysis capabilities, data handling, interpretation, report writing,, publications and efficiency in chromatography lab.
  • Hands on application of GC and GC-MS operation/data acquisition, data interpretation, maintenance, light repair/modifications and instrumental techniques.
  • Manage resources and prioritize tasks, effectively communicate with stakeholders to understand their needs and assess the level of importance and urgency.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Ph.D’s / Master degree in Analytical Chemistry, Chemistry or closely related field.
  • Strong fundamental knowledge of organic analytical chemistry, gas chromatography and mass spectrometry.
  • Knowledge in statistics and design of experiments is preferred.
  • Drive to spend 80% of time in the chromatography laboratory.

Minimum Experience

  • Minimum of 10 + years relevant experience in analytical chemistry, more specifically chromatography and separation techniques including GC.GC-MS, HPLC, SCD, NCD etc.
  • Experience with characterization of HC, polymers, additives, catalysts, gases, solvents, petrochemicals etc.
  • Strong hands-on lab experience including sample preparation and instrument operation.
  • Strong analytical and problem solving skills
  • Strong communication and writing skills in English.
  • Ability to solve ambiguous, less-defined problems
  • Proficient in project management skills.

Job Specific Skills

• Ideal candidate will have a strong background in analytical chemistry principles and rich skills on handling and troubleshooting  with modern analytical instrumentations( GC.GC-MS,HPLC,GPC,IC,ICP,XRD,CHNS etc..) commonly used in the analysis and characterization of polymers ,gases and petrochemicals
• Good skills on analytical chemistry data handling and interpretation through statistical tools
• Highly analytical thinking with demonstrated talent for identifying, scrutinizing, improving, and streamlining complex work processes.
• Excellent performing and interpreting the results of GC analysis, GC-MS-based identification.
• Experience writing proposals for technical work.
• Proficiency and experience with one or more of the following: experimental design; applied laboratory research; gas chromatography and hydrocarbon analysis; environmental chemistry.
•  Ability to communicate effectively and work collaboratively in a team.
•  Develop good working relationship skill with customers and staff.


  • Hands-on experience with GC and GC-MS operation/data acquisition, data interpretation, maintenance, and light repair/modifications.
  • Strong knowledge of chromatography and its application in chemical, petro-chemical, polymers, gases, additives, catalysts, solvents, and environmental science.
  • Experience with internal standards, ability to resolved complex mixtures.
  • Experience with sample preparation using solvents and/or thermal desorption.
  • Excellent communication, teamwork, and interpersonal skills.
  • Strong project management and organizational skills.
  • Adherence to and promotion of good safety practices in the workplace and commitment on Environment Health and Safety (EHS) compliances
  • Experience preparing high-quality technical reports and documents and in preparing and delivering technical presentations.
  • Participation in peer scientific interactions both internally and externally to build scientific temperament and build the right image and branding for SABIC in external forum.