Field Service Engineering – Experienced Professional

Full Time
  • Oman, Oman
  • Post Date: April 24, 2024
  • Apply Before: May 23, 2029
Job Description

Conduct regular system performance assessments and recommend improvements. Troubleshooting and Maintenance: Diagnose and resolve issues related to Foxboro hardware, software, and communication systems. Implement preventive maintenance procedures to ensure the reliability of control systems associated with Cyber Security Skills and awareness.

Responsible for project delivery and field activities on customer installed base. Dedicated for field activities on customer installed base and project delivery.- Execution of technical tasks following notification, Proposal, upgrade roadmap, dedicated to asset management offer and project and engineering. Ensure complex installation, maintenance and repair on customer installed base. Identify new opportunities while attending customer sites to promote Services growth.

Ensures policies, practices and procedures are understood and followed by customers, and stakeholders.

7 to 10 years experience in the specific role but may have some general working experience Field Service Engineering work is focused on providing technical advice to customers including commissioning, installing, and testing of products/equipment including: •Identifying and correcting more complex problems associated with start-up •Researching, evaluating, and recommending new products or equipment upgrades that will meet customer needs •Developing on-going relationships with customers to secure future business.

  • Overall ownership of assigned Services/projects for System control engineering related jobs
  • Interfacing with customers on technical details; and providing customer support on assigned projects and future project needs
  • Automation engineering and design
  • Test and commission control systems
  • Work with field technicians and customers.

Skills Keys

  1. Hands – on experience in Applications for database Configuration (Foxboro IA IACC/IDE ) and HMI graphics (Foxview / Foxdraw & CHMI).
  1. Site visits for PM, Site Survey, Projects supports and Shutdown activities/Start up and provide PM reports / Site Reports and timesheet in line with SE / customer standards
  2. Provide Technical inputs for RFQ and preparing Technical Proposal.
  3. Coordinate with factory for product related issues and resolve product issues.
  4. Report to lead Engineer and coordinate for Project deliverables & update the status.
  5. Prepare project Deliverables (documents, database … etc)
  6. Prepare Purchase request and follow up with supply chain.
  1. Co-ordinate with customer for document submission and follow-up
  2. Maintain proper documentation in folder structure.
  3. Database & Logics, Graphics development
  4. Staging setup for FAT
  5. FAT & IFAT
  6. FAT Signoff
  7. Post FAT backups, Packing and shipment support.
  8. Site visits for PM, Projects supports  and Shutdown activities
  9. Pre-commissioning & Commissioning Support
  10. SAT & SAT Signoff
  11. Post Commissioning Backups.
  12. Prepare & Submission of PM reports / Site Reports and timesheet in line with SE standards
  13. As-built documentation
  14. Support to Close of Project technically.
  15. Cybersecurity Skills & Awareness
  16. System Advisor Skills
  17. Firewall configuration
  18. Switch Configuration