E&IC (Electrical and Instrumentation Control) Engineer

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Job Description

Main Accountabilities

The E&IC Engineer is responsible for performing E&IC engineering tasks. They take the lead in managing and coordinating the E&IC engineering team, ensuring effective communication and collaboration among team members. The E&IC Engineer also plays a crucial role in establishing and implementing standard procedures and best practices for electrical and instrumentation control, ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations.

Detailed Job Description


  • Read and understand technical specifications and customers’ requirements
  • Review and update the VDML (client format) or Document List (VWS format) with list of documents and its respective submission dates.
  • Create and submit all E&I drawings (drawings with the help of designer/CAD draftsman), documents, datasheets, lists and calculations.
  • Review all CAD drawings.
  • Ensure Electrical, Instrumentation and Control systems and equipment used in design are safe, reliable, cost-effective and conforms to clients’ specifications, all applicable electrical codes and engineering standards.
  • Ensure all interfaces with other disciplines engineering and dept are properly executed.
  • Liaise with the vendors and evaluate technical aspects of all quotes, and make recommendations.
  • For all outsourced design activities, to supervise and ensure designs done by contractors are of good quality and accurate as per the requirements.
  • Inform the Lead Engineer of the project of any Engineering Change Notice.
  • Attend customers’ meetings together with project manager.
  • Edition control narrative with Lead mechanical engineer from the control philosophy.


  • Coordinate and manage the other engineers and project activities
  • When required, manage outsourced workers to ensure work are done in a timely manner and of good quality


  • Apply the Safety procedures for operations bound to their activities


  • Apply the Quality procedures for operations bound to their activities


  • Master 1 or 2 in Engineering (Electrical & Electronics)
  • 15 year(s) of experience in Electrical, Instrumentation and Control engineering
  • 15 year(s) of experience in similar experience for the position of Senior Engineer
  • Read and understand E&I, CAD and P&ID drawings (Level ) 4
  • E&IC Engineering Design knowledge  (Level ) 4
  • PLC Programming  (Level ) 2
  • SCADA/HMI  (Level ) 3

Additional Information

Personal Attributes

  • Analytical (Level 3):  Demonstrate a strong analytical mindset and possess the ability to break down complex problems, identify key factors, and make well-informed decisions based on data and evidence. Excel in analyzing situations, gathering insights, and providing strategic recommendations.
  • Planning and Organizing (Level 3): Have a systematic and organized approach to tasks and projects. Possess excellent planning skills, can prioritize effectively, and manage multiple responsibilities concurrently. Adept at developing clear action plans, setting realistic timelines, and ensuring efficient execution to meet objectives.
  • Results Focus (Level 3): Highly focused on achieving desired outcomes and delivering excellent results. Demonstrate determination, drive, and persistence in pursuing goals, and take ownership of tasks and projects to ensure successful completion. Have a track record of meeting or exceeding targets and maintaining a high standard of quality in their work.
  • Creativity (Level 3): Exhibit a strong creative mindset and is adept at generating innovative ideas and solutions. Think outside the box, challenge conventional thinking, and bring fresh perspectives to problem-solving. Is open to new approaches.