Commissioning Lead Engineer

Full Time
Job Description

Main Accountabilities

The Commissioning Lead Engineer oversees the complete pre-commissioning, cold-commissioning, and hot-commissioning of assigned plant systems, ensuring a seamless handover to the Operations and Maintenance department. Responsibilities include process optimization, performance testing, and leading all commissioning and startup activities. This role involves managing vendor coordination, preparing documentation, and prioritizing critical systems to maximize efficiency. Ensuring safety, timely delivery, and adherence to VEOLIA’s standards are paramount, alongside providing training to the O&M team post-commissioning.

Detailed Job Description

  • Oversee the overall pre-commissioning, cold-commissioning, and hot-commissioning of assigned plant systems, ensuring handover to the Operations and Maintenance department per agreed Acceptance Criteria.
  • Conduct process fine-tuning and execute plant performance tests.
  • Ensure safe, timely delivery of project commissioning and startup, meeting VEOLIA’s targets and expectations.
  • Lead and manage all pre-commissioning, commissioning, and startup activities, including performance testing of systems and equipment packages, in alignment with the project execution strategy and schedule.
  • Plan, organize, and manage commissioning activities to ensure safe, effective, and efficient implementation within budget, on schedule, and according to engineering best practices.
  • Coordinate vendor commissioning activities on-site, ensuring all prerequisites and site conditions are verified before mobilization.
  • Prepare and complete required commissioning documentation, procedures, and test records per VEOLIA and project standards.
  • Identify and prioritize the startup of critical subsystems and equipment to maximize commissioning progress and efficiency.
  • Organize daily tasks and commissioning activities proactively, following inputs from the commissioning manager and project schedule, and resolve potential issues.
  • Coordinate on-site day-to-day commissioning activities and outstanding issues with Construction, Operations, and the Commissioning team, ensuring adherence to safety procedures and standards.
  • Review project design specifications against control philosophy, standard practice, and purchase orders, ensuring delivered equipment meets requirements and has passed all necessary tests.
  • Execute SAT-Sequences tests for assigned systems, producing required commissioning records.
  • Prepare and review equipment Commissioning Procedures and Operating Manuals.
  • Ensure as-built drawings are updated correctly and relevant parties receive copies of reports, vendor records, data, procedures, and as-built drawings upon project completion.
  • Review work-packs with the commissioning team, providing comments to optimize execution and schedule.
  • Identify design issues and provide recommendations to VEOLIA’s Discipline Engineers.
  • Complete all mandatory HSSE training as required by VEOLIA.
  • Prepare and perform training for the O&M team post-commissioning before final handover to operations.


  • Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical/Chemical/Process Engineering or equivalent).
  • Minimum 5 years hands-on-the-job experience in incineration/flue gas/thermal plants and 2 years experience on project commissioning as Commissioning Lead Engineer (COLEN).
  • Effective communication, interpersonal and leadership/influencing skills; good team player.
  • Computer literate and skilled user of MS Office, familiar with Project Completion/Handover System.
  • Proven experience on incineration plants/processes.
  • Proven knowledge of: combustion and steam boiler processes, flue gas treatment; basic skills on mechanical, electricity, instrumentation and automation (control loops, PID controllers, etc.).
  • Familiarity with I/Os and loop checks (reading of electrical drawings, use of multimeter, clamp meters, 4-20 mA generators, hart communicator).
  • Familiarity with SAT-Sequences tests.
  • Previous experiences on rotary kilns and Hazardous Waste incineration plants.

Additional Information

Personal Attributes:

  • Strong Leadership Skills: Capable of leading and managing teams effectively through all phases of commissioning and startup activities.
  • Excellent Communication: Clear and effective communicator with strong interpersonal skills to collaborate with diverse teams and stakeholders.
  • Detail-Oriented: Meticulous attention to detail in planning, documentation, and execution of commissioning tasks.
  • Problem-Solver: Proactive in identifying issues and implementing effective solutions to ensure project success.
  • Adaptable: Flexible and able to adapt to changing project requirements and timelines.
  • Team Player: Cooperative and able to work well within multidisciplinary teams.
  • Safety-Conscious: Committed to maintaining high safety standards and ensuring compliance with all safety procedures.
  • Technical Proficiency: Strong technical skills and knowledge relevant to commissioning processes and plant operations.
  • Organized: Excellent organizational skills to manage multiple tasks and priorities efficiently.
  • Continuous Learner: Eager to learn and stay updated with industry best practices and advancements.