Full Time
Job Description


  • Good knowledge of lubricants, grease operations is preferred.
  • Working knowledge of inspection and testing in lubricants QC laboratory and handling and storage of chemicals is preferred.


  • Computer skills (Word, Excel, Power Point)
  • Proficiency in English language



  • Fresh Graduate preferably with an internship experience in a QC laboratory handling Lube and Greases/ similar industry.
  • Working experience : ERP & LIMS is preferred.



  • B.Sc. or M.Sc. degree in analytical Chemistry / Chemistry or applied Chemistry.


  • Comply with Quality, HSE & Energy Policies & Procedures, & Lab specific rules & regulations
  • To ensure reporting of all near misses.
  • Ensure proper use of PPE during testing and chemical handling as defined in procedures and test methods.
  • To ensure safe handling of all chemicals, raw materials and products in compliance with MSDS requirements.
  • To ensure excellent housekeeping in the Laboratory at all times.
  • To carry out sampling, inspection and testing of raw materials, in-process and finished products and to ensure samples are tested as per the frequency and as per defined test methods for both lube and Greases.
  • Handling of heavy equipment in Grease testing like Grease worker, preparation of sample cups, performing Lincoln vent meter testing which require manual handling with grease gun  Pressurizing lubricant grease in 25 feet coil tube to 1800 psi with a grease gun.
  • To ensure reporting of test results as per the precision and bias as detailed in ASTM test methods.
  • To carry out all quality checks, testing, validation and cross verifications on products at all stages of process as per defined guidelines, procedures and work instructions.
  • To carry out formulation and optimizations and pilot blend developments as per the production and technical requirements.
  • To ensure timely release of test reports for production and other samples and to ensure prompt technical services and support to all manufacturing units (Lube, Grease).
  • To ensure timely and correct entries of BOM in SAP as per the codes advised by Technical Team.
  • To ensure proper handling & up-keep of all laboratory equipment / instruments and accessories and carry out calibrations as specified in calibration schedule.
  • To carry out periodic stock counting of all laboratory chemicals and to ensure testing activities are not delayed due to unavailability of chemicals, glassware & consumables.
  • To ensure proper upkeep of all current test methods with periodic review to update current testing practices as per changes in test methods.
  • Provide inputs for root cause analysis for failures in manufacturing process, product audits and Quality incidents in Lab and associated record keeping.
  • To administer the laboratory operation in extended shifts and authorize batch approvals as per the criteria defined in controlled documents and inspection and testing procedures.
  • To perform testing on round robin samples and to ensure all test results meet the set criteria of Z-Score of less than 2.00.
  • Knowledge and execution of OEM Customer Specific Requirements for inspection & testing
  • Responsibility to inform their Manager during production and/ dispatch if any non-conformity is identified.

Job related Objectives

  • 100% compliance towards requirements as stated in standard test methods and to ensure that reported results comply with the precision and bias as detailed in standard test methods.
  • To ensure thorough checks and validations that raw material and products meet the defined quality requirement at all stages of processes and products conform to specifications
  • To ensure timely reporting of sample and batch approvals.
  • To ensure release of optimized formulations for mass production at all time, and to ensure TELBU plant meets the targets towards first time right blending rate.
  • To ensure all round robin samples are tested as per the requirements and results achieve the target of AZ-Score of less than 2.00.


QHSE related Objectives

  • Strict adherence towards Quality, HSE & Energy Policies, rules, procedures and work instructions to contribute effectively towards achieving over all company target of zero TRIR & LTIR.
  • Ensure full adherence to the company’s compliance program, its policies and procedures including economic sanctions and

export control in all professional activities.

  • Promptly notify the compliance officer/economic sanctions referent of any instances of noncompliance or violations of

economic sanctions or export control that comes to my attention.

  • Demonstrates exemplary conduct, rigor, vigilance and professionalism regarding HSE in all their activities
  • Ensure adherence to compliance processes and guidelines specific to position’s roles and responsibilities.
  • To comply with TEMME Safe Work Permit program (as per the PTW roles and responsibility assignment : process owner/ permit applicant/ issuing authority and approval authority).
  • Strict adherence and compliance towards Group QHSE policy with high Quality of QHSE performance and complying with affiliate’s QHSE Policy, Procedures & specific rules & regulations applicable to the area of activity at all time.
  • Participate in the training program to acquire QHSE knowledge and impart this training to colleagues as and when required by Management.
  • Participate in the investigation and analysis of incidents as and when required.
  • Reporting of near misses, incidents, hazards & injuries to line Manager within the time frame as required by Quality, HSE, Energy policies and Manuals.
  • Participate in the investigation and analysis of incidents as and when required.
  • Strict adherence to QHSE requirements with full authority to stop any operation for safety reasons.

Context & Environment


  • This role requires working in rotational 3 shifts to support plant operations over 24 hours including Saturdays. On need basis, this role will require to support operational activities during weekends and public holidays.
  • This position requires handling of heavy equipment in Grease testing like Grease worker, preparation of sample cups, performing Lincoln vent meter testing which require manual handling with grease gun to pressurizing lubricating grease in 25 feet coil tube up to 1800 psi.
  • This role demands the inspection and testing activities of lube oil, greases samples and associated raw materials as per defined test methods and to ensure that products meet all specified parameters.
  • Daily communication & reporting on all operational & QHSE activity in Laboratory with Line Manager.


  • To extend quality control services to all departments – QHSE. Lube Production, GMU, Maintenance and Logistics departments to validate process compliance towards stated procedures at different stages of operations.

Additional Information

NP Level : 8