Assistant engineer, Industrial engineering Development

Full Time
Job Description

Responsible for implementing industrialization standards in collaboration with the Business Unit (BU), adhering to the manufacturing policy and relevant standards. This involves tasks such as setting standard times and routing for manufacturing operations, planning the production process, and calculating the necessary resources for meeting demand. Additionally, responsible for identifying and implementing improvement initiatives and adopting manufacturing best practices such as 6S and KAIZEN.

Key Accountability Areas

  •  Conduct the work measurement for any new product or review it for any existing product, calculating the routing time based on certified motion and work content studies
  • Establish the process planning for the manufacturing of any given product in the most optimized way, calculating the required resources in term of machines or manpower, considering both quality and cost.
  • Conduct the “make or buy analysis” identifying the most efficient and economic process for production, identifying the pros and cons for each scenarios for the BU decision.
  • Validate the requests for a new production equipment requirements from the BU, prepare the business cases, plan the layout and infrastructure requirements to be considered as part of the decision making process.
  • Identify opportunities for the application of automation, prepare the technical specifications, obtain quotations and lead the execution process from the nomination till FAT and Handover.
  • Responsible of preparing all the manufacturing process related documents which will guide the operators to execute their work in an efficient and effective manner. (i.e. Failure mode and effect analysis, work instructions, Job cards, etc.)
  • Establish the component of the cost structure in coordination with the production and finance in order to derive the accurate product costing.
  • Develop further improvements in the manufacturing process in coordination with the operations team, to cut cost through reduced production time and waste elimination.
  • Monitor the productivity at different stages by reviewing daily work outputs to determine any procedural problem at any stage.
  • Investigate along with the production and finance teams, any variance that would result into unoptimized usage of manpower, machine or material.
  • Coordinate with the business unit the Implementation of recognized best manufacturing practices and monitor the deployment effectiveness, such as 6S, Kaizen, etc.

Role Accountability

HR Proficiency:

  • Training of sub-ordinates and forming a team to get the work effectively.
  • Provide leadership, coaching, and direction to subordinates in all aspects of their work.
  • Delegate sub-ordinates in each respective assignment.
  • Ensures fair distribution of tasks to maintain morale, motivation of subordinates.


  • Perform the planned activities to meet the operational and development targets as per delivery schedules.
  • Utilize resources effectively to achieve objectives within efficient cost and time.
  • Provide a periodic report formatted by detailing the deviation and execution of planned tasks.


  • Resolve any related problems arise and escalate any complex operational issues.


  • Ensure quality requirements to develop effective quality control and processes including specifications for products or processes or related activities.

Business Process Improvements:

  • Coordinate well-defined written systems, policies, procedures, and seeking automations opportunities as much as possible.


  • Comply to related policy and procedures and work instructions.


  • Ensure compliance of relevant safety, quality, and environmental management procedures and controls within defined area of work activity to guarantee safety, legislative compliance, and delivery of high-quality products/services.

Academic Qualification

Bachelor Degree in Industrial Engineering

Work Experience

5 to 10 Years

Technical / Functional Competencies

  • Design Specifications
  • Design Tools